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September 22, 2005



Excellent point John.
Isn't the alternative a bit the same - buy more just form different (and presumably cheaper) vendors but leave yourself with yet another integration issue? It's a way to go but is it best practice?

I think the broader question is not one of strap ons though the idea sounds 'interesting.' It's one of process control and automation.

What will companies do? Wait until compliance becomes a massive headache? That would lose sight of the potential benefits - which have yet to be discussed.

John Stokdyk

Thanks for bringing this report to my attention.

I share your interest and concern about the level of spreadsheet mistakes in the corporate reporting world, but reckon there's an element of "they would say that, wouldn't they" about the BASDA-PwC conclusions.

Software developers have been laughing all the way to the bank ever since SOX was introduced, and it doesn't seem to have done the fee income of the Big Four much harm either.

Easy answer to compliance - buy more software (as long as you take our advice).

Hard answer: realising that all those millions of spreadsheet users out there in non-compliantland aren't going to go do what BASDA and PwC tell them to (for now at least, or until they are forced to do so - which is still some way off).

I think the solution to the problem is going to emerge from systems that will let people continue to tinker with their spreadsheets, but within centrally controlled reporting environments. Suggest taking a look at the massed BI/BPM/CPM developers who are strapping Excel interfaces on to their systems, from Applix & Hyperion right down to newcomers like ProClarity and Outlook Soft.

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