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October 30, 2005


Graham Salmon

Well, I did invest the time and frankly, was amazed. The American accents were a bit droney, but once I tuned into the content it didn’t matter. Podcasts, both internal and external are so much more powerful than the written word. It is just like going back 70 years when people started to get their live news from the radio instead of newspapers.
Their uses in an intranet environment are almost limitless. I think that for a professional practice, it would be so much clearer to do a podcast on, for example compliance issues, than trying to get people to read yet another email rehash of the current rules on any topic. Money laundering regulation issues would be so much easier to convey with real (albeit anonymous) cases being discussed. I know compliance matters are desperately dull but unfortunately they are unavoidable. The spoken word in a 5 minute podcast is far more digestible than a 1000 word email.
External podcasts, available on a firm’s blog, and also e-mailed to targeted clients have to be the most powerful selling tool devised in recent times.
Btw, your blog is picking up a head of steam and is getting better by the day. The diversity and quality of the topics is impressive.

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