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October 18, 2005


Stuart Jones

I don't like to sound cynical but it hasn't happened yet on Accountingweb! However, on a positive note if the subject matter is more technical them the "divvies" (Liverpool expression for stupid person) won't be interested in the content. Good luck and btw I didn't realise you had to "suffer" living in Spain!

Note from Den: They make the French look like rank amateurs when it comes to bureaucracy. The tax system is, theoretically, 'easy' but is in reality chaotic. To the point where they find it easier to get tax on wealth/property than attempt on income. So they hammer us on that on an annual basis. But then no-one declares the true value of their property. Do thay catch up? Goodness's the Wild West!


Sure - there's always that risk but the iffy ones will moderate themselves because people will either refuse to comment or will make pithy remarks. Either way, the numb nuts get weeded naturally.

Having said that, I believe there is value in talking about GC experience and special, if common-ish cases like IR35 type situations.

My initial thought was to categorize the issues in an easy to follow manner. Here, I'd welcome broad suggestions like: Status, s.19/20A etc etc.

I'm still working on how that would work but it should be ready soon.

Stuart Jones

Great idea. My only concern is the quality of the questions asked. AccountingWEB is full of questions from "accountants" which first-year trainees would think of as stupid if they posed them! I am not saying I have all the answers, far from it but I'd like to think there was some quality there.

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