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October 26, 2005


David Terrar

I completely agree. At the moment I'm getting frustrated by the "What You See Isn't Quite What You Get" editors in tools like Blogger or most CMSs. Sometimes it's stray codes from Word that confuse them, sometimes it's simply a mystery - I've just come off the end of a post on my blog where I copied in the same pargraph 5 times, having to delete it 5 times to get the formatting and font right, only to be foxed by the actual display of the post being slightly different to the preview, so I had to go back and fiddle again. Ho hum!

Den notes: I've been told by the TypePad people that TypePad is very particular about valid HTML and recommends stripping out HTML code before pasting cut text from the web. I'd rather use a dedicated editor for which see Qumana or Blogjet.

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