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November 25, 2005


Vinnie Mirchandani

Dennis, thanks for the mention. While rote process steps have been baked into many package implementations and the cost of technology and people has burdened many implementations - I was calling for a broader process cynicism and overall "lightening". I posted one around customer rebates yesterday. Some processes are just cruel - not just costly - like that around cross-country adoptions of children. Why do potential parents have to spend years and countless amount of money? That appears to be a process where there is too much "compliance", not enough technology. So while many of the processes covered by SAP, Oracle etc are ripe for angioplasty there are many others around them too...cheers

Martin Briggs

Picking up on the comment regarding outsourcing routine work I would suggest that this is very likely to happen sooner rather than later.

At a recent AVN conference attended by some 200 practices it was suggested that those firms who didn't use outsourcing could be left out in the cold in as little as 12 months.

There is no doubt in my mind that the future of the profession lies in utilising the intellectual capital of the firm to add true value to client services offered. Few, if any, clients perceive real value in pure compliance work and without a value proposition of some sort price is effectively the only comparison between one practice and another.

Not only does outsourcing allow a practice to expand their fee base without incurring further fixed overheads and without the perennial problem of recruiting suitably skilled personnel,it also allows massive leverage of more expensive time (at say client manager level or above).

May I further suggest that the judicious use of technology with regard to outsourcing would perhaps preclude air freighting documents, with all the inherent risks involved, but rather submitting documentation electronically via secure web portals and the like.

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