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December 17, 2005



I'm a little surprised there isn't a nice automagic migrator thingy for TypePad -> WordPress (or maybe others).

Considering all the growing pains 6A has had over the last couple months, if I were pushing a competing platform (OSS or not) I'd definitely have made an automigrator by now.

Good luck with the switch. I use MT (self-hosted) but I do think at some point "In The Future" I'm gonna just roll my own, their Perl modules make my eyes hurt. ;-)

David Tebbutt

I just got my head down and migrated to WordPress - took two or three hours to do the basics. Polishing comes later.

I suspect that for everyone that makes a fuss, seven more will just quietly move their business elsewhere.

It's a shame. Nice bunch of people. But not when it crucifies your business.

I'm keeping my personal blog going with TypePad for the time being. But I'll be watching...


Truly a nightmare, Dennis. I can well understand your anger especially in light of your posts in recent days and the connections you were making as a result.

While I'm perhaps more sanguine about this latest service disruption, I do believe Six Apart will now face a crisis of confidence in many customers' perceptions of the TypePad service and its reliability.

I've seen a few posts out there this morning talking about server crashes, how it's not uncommon, shit happens, etc, etc.

I suspect that's absolutely of zero comfort to the majority of people using TypePad. What they want to hear is the kind of explanation that addresses their worries, not sounding like arrogant lame excuses.

What Six Apart themselves say and do next will be important to their credibility, what customers think about TypePad and preventing a migration away.

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